Loki's Trials was made in 1 week by Ahmad Mamdouh, Yassir Merimi, and Anthony Rapoza for the August 2019 Community Game Jam.


You play as Thor, Norse god of thunder, as he tries to traverse the platform temple of the trickster god, Loki. Each of the 7 levels has the same goal: light the brazier and then get to the exit. However, Loki has made the journey as difficult as possible. Can you pass Loki's Trials?


Move using the ARROW KEYS

Jump using SPACE

Interact with braziers and exits by pressing X


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I love the music! Your game isn't bas at all :)


Very nice art and music.  The level design is pretty clever, although i'm not sure how the game fits in with the theme of the jam.

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Thank you! We just decided to go with an untrustworthy narrator that occasionally gives you the wrong advice.